We have features… for everyone

For translators

Focus on translation

translation unit

Zanata handles the entire workflow so translators can focus on translating, not on tools or formats:

  • Zanata's Editor works on any computer with a web browser; no installation is needed.
  • Translations can be written in Zanata without the need to work with version control systems, esoteric document formats or confusing email workflows.
  • Zanata's User Dashboard provides a shortcut to jump between jobs.
  • Plurals are handled natively in Zanata's Editor.

Work together

Multiple translators can work on the same document using Zanata's Editor. This provides a range of features to help translators work together effectively:

  • Translations are visible to all translators as soon as they are saved.
  • Markers indicate when a passage is being edited by other translators.
  • Users are alerted if a conflict occurs to prevent work being lost.
  • Each language in the project has a chat room for real time communication.

High quality suggestions

translation memory

Translators can avoid writing the same translation twice by using Zanata's Translation Memory (TM). Zanata's TM is a powerful tool for translation reuse:

  • The TM finds the best translation matches out of all the translations in the whole system.
  • It is built into Zanata's Editor, allowing a streamlined workflow.
  • It is updated in real time to allow instant reuse.
  • Each page of translations can be easily pre-filled with the best translation matches.

Information at your fingertips

translation history

Zanata's Editor provides easy access to a range of useful information so that translators can work without disruptive context changes:

  • Zanata shows live translation statistics and remaining work estimation for each document and the whole project, updated in real time.
  • Syntax highlighting is available to support technical translations.
  • History for each translation can be accessed with a single click, to quickly see when it was changed and reviewed.
  • A glossary is integrated into the editor for a convenient explanation of terms.

Support for high quality translations

Zanata's Editor provides a set of features to support high translation quality:

  • Validators run as translations are typed in the Editor, immediately reporting common mistakes and problematic items.
  • The Editor's review workflow provides a way to view all translations and ensure they are consistent.
  • You can replace words through every document in a project with full control. The review and undo tools allow you to easily and confidently update terminology and fix mistakes.

Writers and Developers

Automated Workflows

Zanata’s command-line client is easily integrated into scripts and used in continuous integration. A Maven plugin is supplied that can support both simple and multi-module Maven projects. Zanata also has a REST API for scripting and integration with other tools.

Translation Reuse

Zanata can automatically copy matching translations from its translation memory to any text you upload, using your configured rules to ensure quality matches.

Quality Control

Ensure that translations can never break your build by enforcing relevant validations. Easily add a review phase to your project to ensure translations are to a high standard. Upload your existing translations and translation memory to Zanata to keep translations consistent. Use project groups to source translations from other users.

Major Formats Supported

Zanata supports common translation formats for documentation and software. Supported formats include Gettext Portable Object (.po), Java Properties (.properties), XLIFF, Mozilla DTD, LibreOffice (.odt .fodt .odp .fodp .ods .fods .odg .fodg .odb .odf) and plain text (.txt). Zanata allows translation of .po files offline, preserving translator credits and using a smart merge algorithm for uploaded translations.