• Zanata Version 3.9.5 release announcement

    zanata-server-3.9.5 is released and deployed to all our servers. The improvements since last deploy (version 3.9.3) are:

    • Fixes the bug when users have non-ASCII characters in their full name,
    • Javascript alert and confirm dialogs become modal
    • Better log for exception

    More About the Release

  • Zanata Version 3.9.1 release announcement

    zanata-server-3.9.3 is released and deployed to all our servers.


    This release fixes the login problems for Fedora and Yahoo authentication. From version 3.9.1, many UI changes and improvements to the web interface, REST API, and system administrations.


    • 0% matched translation will never bother you again in TM panel.
    • The inactive timeout for login session is extended to 30 minutes.


    • Review data and list of contributors for a project version are now available in REST API.
    • Fix to upload translations on Wildfly 10.
    • Docker support for developers to quickly build and run latest development.

    System Administration

    • Wildfly version should be updated to version 10.
    • Migrate from Seam 2 to CDI.
    • Display user email based on admin configuration.

    More About the Release

  • Zanata Client Version 3.9.1

    Zanata client version 3.9.1 is released. It is available as zanata-maven-plugin, 0install, dchen’’s epel repo, and Fedora.


    • From 3.9.0, copy Trans will no longer run by default. Option --copy-trans is now required to invoke copy trans when pushing.




  • Zanata Version 3.8.2: Release Notes


    Glossary: New Look and On-Line Editing

    With this major glossary interface update, users with glossarist permission can not only see the each term, but also edit them online.

    Glossary list
    Glossary list in 3.8

    Project Creation Permission

    A popular request, was to grant project creation permissions to a specific set of users. This allows Zanata admins more control over the projects that can be created on their instance.

    This has to be enabled by admins and will not affect any of the Zanata teams currently maintained instances.

    Project creator permission
    Project creator permission in dialog Manage User

    Project Team Management

    Project maintainers can now manage their own team of translators.

    If you have your own trusted translators or reviewers, they no longer need to join a global language team. Go to the People tab in project view, click Add Someone. On top of maintainers, you can now add translators, reviewers or translation maintainers (who can also add translator and reviewers).

    Project team management
    Project team management

    The main search bar seen on the top of the page can now be used to search users.

    When you find the user you are looking for , you will be able to see a few more details and their recent translation/revieer contributions.

    Search user
    Main search bar can search user

    More Feature Details

    • 1213630 - Webhook header needs to include cryptographic signature in header for identification
    • 1214502 - RFE: Grant project creation permission to certain sets of users
    • 1224912 - Filter “Last modified by translators other than <user>”
    • 1233524 - Update project search page to include user
    • ZNTA-108 - Improved glossary management: add, edit and delete individual glossary entries

    More About the Release

  • Fedora Zanata Migration Survey Results

    From October 7th to October 28th 2015 we put out a survey to the Fedora community and received over 40 responses.

    First, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. We have lots of great feedback to help us understand the needs of the Fedora l10n community and improve Zanata to meet these needs.

    In this post I’ll cover some overall statistics around the multiple choice questions and then summarise some of the more specific feedback and how it affects Zanata.

    The migration from Transifex to Zanata

    Mailing lists were by far (61%) the most common place you heard about the Migration to Zanata, with the Magazine (15%) and Wiki (10%) coming distant runners-up. It seems like the mailing lists remain the best place to get news out to the l10n team.

    93% of you thought the migration to Zanata went either very well (29%), well (17%), or OK (46%). There is still room to improve here and I’ll cover some specific feedback later. 91% were either very happy, happy or neutral with responses to your queries and doubts. To the 4 of you that were not satisfied, we’d love to hear from you about what went wrong, if we haven’t already.

    Some more specific feedback we received about the Migration was:

    • Some would have liked a copy of the Transifex history for reference
    • Some projects were not moved to Zanata. I’m not sure of the reason for this.
    • More updates on the status of each project’s move to Zanata and when it was ready for translation

    The Zanata team has taken this feedback on board and will use it to improve communications about the maintenance and operations of the Zanata instance.

    Using Zanata

    We are happy to hear that over 50% of you have used Zanata more than 10 times (56%). And others are not too far behind. The majority (86%) of your experiences with Zanata have been either positive or OK. With 6 of you having negative experiences. This is still something we would love to improve, and we are grateful to have received lots of specific feedback to help us do just that.

    Improving Zanata

    We’ve sorted the feedback to give us some clarity about where we need to focus. I’ll start with the most common feedback we received.

    Language Teams / Project Management

    By far the most common feedback we received was related to better language team/project management features. In this category we included:

    • Team Activity
    • Team Statistics
    • Project Status
    • Language-specific project list

    These features are one of the major aspects of Zanata that we want to improve and it is great to have the Fedora community confirm their importance.

    Team activity feedback is mainly related to being able to see what other members of your language team are working on, and helping each of you decide where your effort is best applied.

    Statistics should allow users to see who is contributing to the team and in what capacity. There should be more statistics available for projects, teams and groups.

    Project status features could relate to a specific “project” in Zanata or potentially groups. These would include things like minimum translation acceptance percentage & project/team/group milestones.

    Language-specific project list was requested a lot, and at least easily seeing your own language without having to select it each time. We can achieve part of this with groups, but it is still less than ideal and still requires you to find your language. We are exploring some solutions for this problem, and will reach out when we have some concrete proposals.

    You can view some language team/project management related issues on our JIRA. We’ll add to this list over time. To join the planning process you can vote up issues, add comments, or if your concern or idea is not shown, add your own issue.

    Editor Improvements

    • Variable handling
    • Translation comments
    • Search improvements
    • Display options

    We are constantly working to improve the editor, and have dozens of planned improvements to make. This feedback gives us a better idea of what to work on first.

    You can view editor related issues on our JIRA.

    Translation Memory

    • Improved search results
    • Customisation

    Translation memory was noted as the most critical feature needed. Translation memory is something we still have a focus on and we hope to improve it in some upcoming releases. You can keep track of any translation memory related issues on our JIRA.


    Something that we have been planning and discussing for a while is how best to implement notifications. We’ve known they are needed and hopefully the extra feedback we’ve received here will give us the push to start working on them.

    Getting started

    To get started as a translator in the Fedora Zanata, we know there are quite a few steps involved. This is made longer again if you don’t already have a Fedora account. We have a change in the next version of Zanata that will make joining a language team easier for both translators and team co-ordinators.

    In the future, we may also look into simplifying account activations as well. Other than this, a lot of what is involved may come down to how the Fedora community runs. This is something we can work on as a community to improve.

    Fast, Reliable Servers

    The problems that were identified are login failures, short authentication expiry and general slowness.

    Login failures have been tricky to work out the source, as the only way to use the Fedora Zanata is through Fedora authentication. We will continue to look into this and we hope it will only get better.

    Short authentication expiry has been a problem for a while and we will improve this in the next version of Zanata.

    We are currently doing some fairly large changes under the hood of Zanata that should make a difference in an upcoming release.

    Command Line

    The download size, installation process and general experience of using the command line client is something that needs to improve. There has been some more work on the Python client recently, and we hope to bring this back to feature parity with the Java client.

    We recently make the client available to install with 0install which simplifies the install process and shrinks the download size.

    At the same time we are still adding new options to the CLI, so if there is something specific you would like to see, we’d love more feedback.

    Right to Left Language Support

    This isn’t really excusable. We will have this implemented once we have a beta release of the new editor and then we will integrate it into the rest of the interface.

    Everything Else

    • Clearer handling of versions
    • Translation context enhancements
    • Multiple translation file downloads
    • Make comparing translations easier
    • Current editor needs improvement on small screens (This works in the alpha editor)
    • Better special character handling in editor
    • Better plural support
    • A way to translate, download, and upload entire groups, not just by project
    • Possibly regular meetings with Zanata team to handle community questions (Monthly/Bi-monthly)
    • Update/Newsletter style email to community about changes, improvements & fixes
    • Better status updates on existing bugs/feedback in JIRA

    What is working

    It was nice to get some positive feedback too. Here is some of the things you liked about Zanata:

    Good/Friendly/Clean UI

    This was the most common feedback we received. There are some that disagree with this too, but the good news is, we hope the only change to this is to improve it. So we only plan on making the UI more friendly, clean, and usable.

    Open Source

    This was expected, especially from a great open source community like Fedora. Thankfully, this won’t be changing.


    This is an area we have always focused on and worked closely with translators to improve. Filtering, project-wide search and replace, and collaborative editing were some specifically mentioned features. There was some positive feedback about the new alpha editor too. If you want to see where the editor in Zanata is heading, have a look for yourself. It doesn’t have all the features yet, but the more feedback the better.

    Other positive feedback

    • Access to TM
    • Continuous improvement
    • Versions/branches in project
    • Fedora authentication
    • Credit references are updated when changing profile info

    In Conclusion

    If you have anything you think we missed, you always report an issue or ask a question over on our JIRA. You can find all our existing issues there too. If you see an existing issue you think needs more attention, vote it up or add any other comments you have.

    We’d like to thank you all for helping us improve Zanata and therefore the Fedora translation community. As you can see we’ve taken on all this feedback and are working through it as best we can.

    We look forward to working closely with you all in the future.

  • Zanata Client Version 3.8.1

    Zanata client version 3.8.1 is released.


    • From 3.8.0, copy Trans will no longer run by default. Option --copy-trans is now required to invoke copy trans when pushing.




  • Zanata Version 3.7.3: Release Notes


    Before 3.7.3, the automatic TM search that invokes TM when you edit was broken. 3.7.3 contained ZNTA-721 that fixed this bug.

    About the Release

  • Zanata Version 3.7.2: Release Notes


    Performance Improvement When Upgrading

    Before 3.7.2, it may requires many hours to upgrade from 3.6 to 3.7. This version reduces the database migration time about 37%.

    See ZNTA-665 for details.

    About the Release

  • We've Got More Than 99 Problems and… They've Moved

    With over 500 bugs, feature requests and other general feedback, it’s been a challenge to make sure we’re keeping track of everything in Bugzilla, even more so for members of the community that were looking at Zanata for the first time.

    It is for this reason (and many others) that we have now moved all our bugs/feedback to JIRA.

    We are hoping this will minimise planning time, but also give us greater awareness of our communities issues. We also hope this will give community members greater insight into what we are currently working on and what our future plans may hold.

    Here are some of the benefits we hope the community gets out of this move:

    • Easier to find information on current bugs or feedback and provide their own perspective or experiences
    • The ability to vote on bugs or feedback that is important to you, which will allow us to see the things that matter most to the community
    • The ability to see our current sprint activity and backlog priorities (and hopefully in the future, a basic roadmap for upcoming releases)
    • An easier way to log bugs/feedback from within Zanata itself (Hopefully in an upcoming release)
    • A better place to ask questions than IRC, where you can ask any time of day and answers will be persistent and searchable by other community members

    So without further ado, you can check it out now.

    Once you have created an account on our JIRA issue tracker, you can then:

    If you want to track our progress:

    We hope you like the change and look forward to your feedback!

  • Zanata Client Version 3.7.3: Release Notes

    What’s New

    Greatly decrease the download size
    • 1124630 - RFE: zanata-client should use jersey instead of resteasy

      This is achieved by using jersey instead of resteasy.

    New way to install zanata-client
    Able to specify minimum percentage required when pulled
    • 1215274 - Should be able to specify minimum percentage completion on pull Command looks like:

      zanata-cli pull –min-doc-percent $MIN_PERCENT


    • 1222730 - Java client missing useCache and purgeCache option
    • 1241346 - File mapping rule patter attribute is not recogized
  • Zanata Version 3.6: Release Notes

    What’s New

    New Editor (Alpha)
    • 1088137 - Translation Editor: Alpha 1 Prototype
    Button to the new editor
    Click "Try the new alpha editor" to try the new editor

    The editor prototype can be accessed via the (Try the new alpha editor) button at the top of the regular editor. It showcases the look and feel, workflow and intended direction of Zanata.

    New editor
    The new alpha editor

    As it is a prototype, there are bound to be some bugs and sub-optimal behaviours - any suggestions or reports can be forwarded to our bug tracker.

    • 1150373 - Keyboard shortcuts
    • 1172437 - Add plurals to the new editor
    • 1174071 - [SPA editor] Save on Invalid entry should not cause NullPointerException
    Infrastructure Changes

    Zanata now requires JMS to be configured in standalone.xml in order to queue up some messages going out of the system. For instructions on how to do this, please See Here

    Drupal Plugin
    • 1078009 - PROTOTYPE: Drupal plugin to push and pull Zanata translations
    • 1148233 - RFE: Drupal plugin should split content into meaningful chunks
    • 1150336 - RFE: Document Drupal plugin manual installation method
    New Features
    • 1044261 - Drupal integration with Zanata
    • 1127066 - Copy Version button on project version listing
    • 1162383 - Updated pages in Administration section
    • 1120457 - Email notify the user when the language team permissions change
    • 1139950 - Flexible Translation file naming
    • 1092193 - Individual Translator Statistics
    • 1127056 - Migration Guide for community users
    • 1122776 - WebHooks callback API
    • 1186951 - Zanata Overlay module
    • 1132271 - Access contact admin url without logging in will trigger an exception
    • 1082448 - Dashboard shows incorrect number of maintained projects
    • 1069951 - Empty string in adding a language causes a broken language to be added
    • 1149968 - Translation history shows last modifier as “Someone offline”
    • 1154461 - Admin user management list datascroller is broken
    • 1160651 - Regression: Admin server config save no longer shows success message
    • 1166451 - Normal user can access copy to new version action for non-maintained project
    • 1172392 - Project tab on dashboard does not show for users with no projects.
    • 1174516 - File mapping rules failed to be referred for project type podir push
    • 1180988 - Unable to add arbitrary language to Zanata in new admin page
    • 1185134 - Placeholder text in server config ToU field valid, but rejected
    • 1185170 - Create version in a project is always created as read only
    • 1186084 - WebUI is very slow if users cannot access Google
    • 1186997 - Introduction of hornetq-ra breaks the overlay installer
    • 1192271 - For gettext plural project, project-version statistics was inconsistent between language and document, sometime more than 100%
    • 1193699 - Bookmarked url (selected language or selected doc) in version page, bookmarked url selected language, selected project in version-group page not working
  • Zanata Version 3.5: Release Notes

    We've received some great feedback in the previous release that has helped us create or improve this releases features. We hope you find them useful. As always, we'd love to hear how these features affect you and if there is anything we can do better.

    What’s New

    Multiple Source Document Uploads

    You can now upload multiple source documents at once through the web interface.

    Step 1
    Click the “+”(Upload Document) button on the source document settings screen.
    Step 2
    Either drag and drop or select multiple documents from your system documents picker.
    Step 3
    Once you have added all the documents you need, select the “Upload Documents” button.
    Step 4
    You will see the progress of your upload until completion.
    Step 5
    Select “done” to close the modal and view your new document list.
    • 1066694 - As a project maintainer I would like to upload multiple source files simultaneously

    Guided Project Set-up for CLI Users

    Command line user can now setup their projects from the CLI quickly with a new command, zanata-cli init. Check out the guide on initialising a project and start saving time on the command line.

    • 1110627 - As a command line user I would like to be guided in setting up a project

    Redesigned Account Merge

    If you’ve ever had problems with multiple accounts you may have lost track of (this can happen if an extra open id account is not attached properly to your primary account), it should now be easier to merge your accounts.

    Step 1
    Select “Merge accounts” at the bottom of your account settings page.
    Step 2
    Choose the open id account you would like to merge into you current (logged into) account.
    Step 3
    Confirm the account details.
    Step 4
    Your account will be connected to your logged in account.
    • 1110048 - Redesign account merge page

    Fork/Copy Previous Versions of a Project

    When you create a new version, you can now base it on a previous version.

    Step 1
    On your projects page, select the “…”(More) dropdown and then select “New Version”.
    Step 2
    Choose “Copy from previous version”(selected by default) then from the list choose the version you would like to copy(latest selected by default). Now select “Create Version” and the version copy will begin.
    • 1104015 - Fork/copy from previous version with source and translation.

    Project/Version Page Enhancements

    More Sorting Options for Document Lists

    In the previous release we held back some sorting options to fix a performance problem. The problem is now fixed and we have added the extra options back.

    More Items for Language and Document List Page

    For the same performance problems we had limited the amount of documents/languages listed per page. This has now been bumped up to 100 per page.

    • 1110959 - Add in more sorting options in version page

    Minor Enhancements

    Editor Design Update

    Some small tweaks have been made to the current editor to bring in some concepts coming in an major editor redesign.

    Glossary Design Update

    The glossary page brings has been updated to be closer to the latest Zanata design.

    Other Features

    • Subtitle Format (.srt) is now supported
    • JBoss SSO Login has been improved
    • 1131300 - Update on editor UI
    • 1122363 - Update glossary page view
    • 1062835 - SubRip Text (.srt) subtitle format support
    • 1110175 - Add a JBoss SSO Login module

    Infrastructure change

    • Now requires (i.e. is tested on) OpenJDK 7

    Bug fixes

    • 971652 - [Document List] Clicking column header “Complete” mistakenly sort by other column you sort
    • 1060629 - Manage Languages breadcrumb takes user to the wrong page
    • 1094094 - Copy Translations does not update the shown stats, if the language list is already loaded
    • 1097470 - When adding/removing maintainers in group, maintainer list doesn’t update
    • 1098394 - No url validation on project homepage field
    • 1098404 - Project search resizes in the middle of clicking a result, preventing the click
    • 1098407 - Copy Translations box does not close if process halted via Process Manager
    • 1099278 - Changing email address produces invalid email
    • 1099736 - Increase cache retention for statistics
    • 1102455 - [Search Field] Failed to search the project by whole project name that contains spaces ‘ ‘ and hyphen ‘-‘
    • 1097552 - Obsolete groups sometimes not visible to maintainer
    • 1102488 - [zanata:stat] Failed to return proper error message when getting stat for non-exists projects and versions
    • 1101803 - TMX clear function doesn’t work from UI
    • 1103547 - Empty document statistic should show “No content” in version tabs
    • 978618 - Accidental broken feature - admin can change usernames
    • 1067288 - Reduce size of zanata.war; exclude unused dependencies
    • 1110599 - Remove unused page in Zanata
    • 1103940 - Remove info level notification popup from the editor
    • 1011310 - Unhandled exception: Mail service is down
    • 995904 - Unnecessary ellipsis on short TM source name in editor
    • 994293 - Cancelling an upload causes a database lock exception
    • 973509 - User not aware they can use other characters in Group ID
    • 1112041 - Upload feature should handle files that are deleted before the process begins nicely
    • 993445 - User can successfully upload a txt file that doesn’t exist
    • 1130797 - Cache document statistic and overflow to disk
    • 1128954 - Convoluted way of opening docs from groups
    • 1120034 - Pushing translations is too slow
  • Zanata Version 3.4 Preview

    What’s New

    Check out some of the changes coming soon in the next version of Zanata:

  • Zanata Version 3.3: Release Notes

    What’s New

    Project search has now moved into the navigation bar. This should provide a more convenient and consistent location for searching for projects across Zanata.

    Project Search

    Adding to this move, is the addition of auto-complete to the search. You can now see results after just a few letters have been typed and navigate directly to that project by hitting enter/return or clicking directly on that result. The last item will give you access to the traditional search results page.

    Project Search Auto-complete

    We hope to expand on the features of this search in the future.

    New Support for HTML and roff

    Translation of .html and .htm files are now supported. This is possible from both the CLI client and the web interface.

    Note: Ensure you are using the project type “File” to allow translation of .html and .htm files.

    Generally used for UNIX manual pages, roff pages can now be translated and output by the CLI Client. Users who wish to push .roff file can use a command hook to invoke external tool (po4a) before push to convert .roff into .pot. Invoke po4a again after pull to convert translated .po into .roff.

    Note: This feature is implemented in the CLI client only with 1038449 - command hook.

    • 978072 - RFE: support roff as an input/output format
    • 980670 - [RFE] Add HTML as an input method to be translated

    Technical Changes

    • 1036435 - RFE: Upgrade to Liquibase 3.x

    • 1067253 - RFE:/Tech Debt - Propagate translation done by upload and copyTrans to editor
      • Prior to this implementation, editor will not receive translation updates done by CopyTrans or REST, i.e. upload translation file though web UI or push from client. Now translation done by any of the above will be broadcast to any open editors. This includes latest translation and statistics.
    • 1002378 - RFE: Introduce a modular translation structure, and gwt generate the * files
      • Now Zanata editor is ready to be translated. See [[Localize Zanata]] for detail.

    Infrastructure change

    • Now requires (i.e. is tested on) JBoss EAP 6.2.0 instead of 6.1.1

    Bug fixes

    • 981071 - Register account still available when logged in
    • 995324 - “Agree to the Terms of Use” should be displayed looks relevant to users that sign up with OpenId
    • 1023227 - Add language member request email contains string
    • 1035057 - Group “Add Language” field should be limited to something sensible
    • 1037925 - Search Projects field not character limited
    • 1039776 - Email template link to zanata log broken
    • 1039810 - Cancel contact email causes exception
    • 1049643 - Using the project search field breaks the drop down main menu
    • 1060627 - [Regression] Drop down navmenu does not work in the editor
    • 1060959 - Use of “alternately” instead of “alternatively” in confirmation emails
    • 1060970 - Project-version information gathered for group join request not delivered
    • 1060973 - Deselecting the project version from a group add request results a non-error notification
    • 1060987 - No success/failure response for requesting add project to group from the group page
    • 1062011 - Overall Statistics show incorrect number of translators.
    • 1063118 - “Sort” drop down in group page is not correct
    • 1064628 - In Editor’s Document list View, statistics are not updated immediately
    • 1064737 - Statistics on locale documents page are incorrect (inconsistent with project version and editor)
    • 1065120 - [Project Version JSF Document List View] Estimated work hours should stay the same by toggling between “By Message” and “By Words”
    • 1067266 - [Regression] CopyTrans via web UI causes an exception
    • 1054524 - Users api key is accessible by anyone
    • 1056849 - Incorrect group l10n statistics due to caching missing out update(s)
    • 1059483 - Cannot log into kerberos
    • 1060598 - [Regression] Obsolete projects are searchable, but not accessible (exception occurs)
    • 1064106 - Copy Trans times out with large enough documents
    • 1065806 - [Project Version JSF Language List View] After toggle the unit of status, spinner failed to be removed after statistics are updated
    • 1060628 - Admin manage search page has an empty “Current Progress” section
    • 1013419 - FAQ missing on
    • 1056866 - Error message should be shown when uploading unsupported Open Document Format (e.g. fodt)
    • 1057432 - No indication of where HTML fits in the project types
    • 968619 - Editor: Difficulty in placing cursor at desired point and selecting exact part of text
    • 1002792 - Unhandled exception: Uploading an invalid .pot will result in WebApplicationException
    • 1012502 - server should never store fuzzy flag against a source document’s textflows
    • 1037932 - Unhandled exception: Add language field allows more character than the database does (255)
    • 1037933 - Unhandled exception: Add language with a string too large can cause a lock exception on save
    • 1043330 - Existing OpenId user cannot save any setting from the Edit profile view
    • 1055790 - Unhelpful error code returned for incorrect html type
    • 1056308 - User edit profile page missing field validation for empty email address
    • 1060621 - [Regression] Validation warnings panel not displayed
    • 1044768 - Zanata does not pull the latest changes in translation due to unchanged ETags
    • 1063112 - Client push in dryRun mode should not invoke CopyTrans
    • 1069428 - Various concurrency problems due to unsafe Seam injections
  • Zanata Version 3: Release Notes

    Very soon, will be upgraded to version 3. Zanata version 3 adds some major features and improvements over the currently deployed version 2.2.2.

    Here is a preview of what is on the way in the new version:

    Updated Style

    The most immediately noticeable improvement is the new visual style: we have changed our logo and colour scheme to improve readability of the site, and have started improvements to the layout to make Zanata easier to navigate.

    Use the menu at the top right to get back to the user dashboard (see below), change your settings, or log out. The rest of the menus and screens should already be familiar.

    Dashboard link in user menu

    User Dashboard

    Finding the content you care about is now much faster with the addition of the user dashboard. The dashboard shows your projects and shows your recent activity, so you can get straight back to anything you have been recently working on. For more, see User Dashboard.

    User Dashboard

    Translation Review

    For projects that need an extra level of checking, we have added a translation review workflow. Review can be turned on for a project, allowing reviewers (nominated by translation team coordinators) to mark translated strings as approved, or provide a message indicating what work is still required. See Review Workflow for more information.

    New review buttons in the editor

    Translation Memory Import and Export

    It is now possible to export the translation memory for a project or project-version. This will produce a file in TMX format. TMX generated in other systems can be imported to Zanata and will show translation memory matches in the editor. TMX import is currently restricted to administrators since it affects all users, so use the Contact Admin link in the ‘Help’ section

    Other Changes

    Version 3 comes with more changes the help to improve performance and stability, such as updating to a faster server platform. For more information, see the Zanata Changelog

  • Zanata Version 1.5

    The spiffy new version of the Zanata Translation Management system is now ready and has been released.

    Besides a new look with Zanata’s purple theme, this version packs in a punch with loads of exciting new features in the translation editor interface and several important bug fixes. Translators can now use status filters on the strings , run validation checks and get more out of the improved Translation Memory system with more efficient translation matches , text highlights and shortcut keys . Package Maintainers can now choose to deprecate projects and iterations that are no longer relevant. Significant improvements have been made to the Zanata Python and Maven clients. The latter now allows projects with multiple modules to share a configuration file. A complete list of the new features and known issues in this release is available in the Release Notes .

    The two Zanata instances have also been upgraded to the new version. – Zanata’s main translation instance, uses the Fedora Account System as an openid authentication – JBoss Translation instance, needs a JBoss account

    A list of all the projects hosted on these two instances can be seen by clicking on Project from the Start Page .

    Translators and other users can subscribe to the Zanata-Users mailing list to communicate with the team and also visit the Zanata Home page for updated information. Bugs can be filed through the Red Hat Bugzilla and if you think that you’d like to help fix it as well feel free to dive in .

    Happy Translating!

  • Zanata Video Tutorial Series 7 - Configure Zanata Python Client

    Project Maintainers have the choice to use two different clients for Zanata – the python client and the maven client, to access the project contents. This video will help with quickly setting up the configuration in the Zanata Python client.