We've Got More Than 99 Problems and… They've Moved

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With over 500 bugs, feature requests and other general feedback, it’s been a challenge to make sure we’re keeping track of everything in Bugzilla, even more so for members of the community that were looking at Zanata for the first time.

It is for this reason (and many others) that we have now moved all our bugs/feedback to JIRA.

We are hoping this will minimise planning time, but also give us greater awareness of our communities issues. We also hope this will give community members greater insight into what we are currently working on and what our future plans may hold.

Here are some of the benefits we hope the community gets out of this move:

  • Easier to find information on current bugs or feedback and provide their own perspective or experiences
  • The ability to vote on bugs or feedback that is important to you, which will allow us to see the things that matter most to the community
  • The ability to see our current sprint activity and backlog priorities (and hopefully in the future, a basic roadmap for upcoming releases)
  • An easier way to log bugs/feedback from within Zanata itself (Hopefully in an upcoming release)
  • A better place to ask questions than IRC, where you can ask any time of day and answers will be persistent and searchable by other community members

So without further ado, you can check it out now.

Once you have created an account on our JIRA issue tracker, you can then:

If you want to track our progress:

We hope you like the change and look forward to your feedback!