Zanata Version 3.5: Release Notes

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We've received some great feedback in the previous release that has helped us create or improve this releases features. We hope you find them useful. As always, we'd love to hear how these features affect you and if there is anything we can do better.

What’s New

Multiple Source Document Uploads

You can now upload multiple source documents at once through the web interface.

Step 1
Click the “+”(Upload Document) button on the source document settings screen.
Step 2
Either drag and drop or select multiple documents from your system documents picker.
Step 3
Once you have added all the documents you need, select the “Upload Documents” button.
Step 4
You will see the progress of your upload until completion.
Step 5
Select “done” to close the modal and view your new document list.
  • 1066694 - As a project maintainer I would like to upload multiple source files simultaneously

Guided Project Set-up for CLI Users

Command line user can now setup their projects from the CLI quickly with a new command, zanata-cli init. Check out the guide on initialising a project and start saving time on the command line.

  • 1110627 - As a command line user I would like to be guided in setting up a project

Redesigned Account Merge

If you’ve ever had problems with multiple accounts you may have lost track of (this can happen if an extra open id account is not attached properly to your primary account), it should now be easier to merge your accounts.

Step 1
Select “Merge accounts” at the bottom of your account settings page.
Step 2
Choose the open id account you would like to merge into you current (logged into) account.
Step 3
Confirm the account details.
Step 4
Your account will be connected to your logged in account.
  • 1110048 - Redesign account merge page

Fork/Copy Previous Versions of a Project

When you create a new version, you can now base it on a previous version.

Step 1
On your projects page, select the “…”(More) dropdown and then select “New Version”.
Step 2
Choose “Copy from previous version”(selected by default) then from the list choose the version you would like to copy(latest selected by default). Now select “Create Version” and the version copy will begin.
  • 1104015 - Fork/copy from previous version with source and translation.

Project/Version Page Enhancements

More Sorting Options for Document Lists

In the previous release we held back some sorting options to fix a performance problem. The problem is now fixed and we have added the extra options back.

More Items for Language and Document List Page

For the same performance problems we had limited the amount of documents/languages listed per page. This has now been bumped up to 100 per page.

  • 1110959 - Add in more sorting options in version page

Minor Enhancements

Editor Design Update

Some small tweaks have been made to the current editor to bring in some concepts coming in an major editor redesign.

Glossary Design Update

The glossary page brings has been updated to be closer to the latest Zanata design.

Other Features

  • Subtitle Format (.srt) is now supported
  • JBoss SSO Login has been improved
  • 1131300 - Update on editor UI
  • 1122363 - Update glossary page view
  • 1062835 - SubRip Text (.srt) subtitle format support
  • 1110175 - Add a JBoss SSO Login module

Infrastructure change

  • Now requires (i.e. is tested on) OpenJDK 7

Bug fixes

  • 971652 - [Document List] Clicking column header “Complete” mistakenly sort by other column you sort
  • 1060629 - Manage Languages breadcrumb takes user to the wrong page
  • 1094094 - Copy Translations does not update the shown stats, if the language list is already loaded
  • 1097470 - When adding/removing maintainers in group, maintainer list doesn’t update
  • 1098394 - No url validation on project homepage field
  • 1098404 - Project search resizes in the middle of clicking a result, preventing the click
  • 1098407 - Copy Translations box does not close if process halted via Process Manager
  • 1099278 - Changing email address produces invalid email
  • 1099736 - Increase cache retention for statistics
  • 1102455 - [Search Field] Failed to search the project by whole project name that contains spaces ‘ ‘ and hyphen ‘-‘
  • 1097552 - Obsolete groups sometimes not visible to maintainer
  • 1102488 - [zanata:stat] Failed to return proper error message when getting stat for non-exists projects and versions
  • 1101803 - TMX clear function doesn’t work from UI
  • 1103547 - Empty document statistic should show “No content” in version tabs
  • 978618 - Accidental broken feature - admin can change usernames
  • 1067288 - Reduce size of zanata.war; exclude unused dependencies
  • 1110599 - Remove unused page in Zanata
  • 1103940 - Remove info level notification popup from the editor
  • 1011310 - Unhandled exception: Mail service is down
  • 995904 - Unnecessary ellipsis on short TM source name in editor
  • 994293 - Cancelling an upload causes a database lock exception
  • 973509 - User not aware they can use other characters in Group ID
  • 1112041 - Upload feature should handle files that are deleted before the process begins nicely
  • 993445 - User can successfully upload a txt file that doesn’t exist
  • 1130797 - Cache document statistic and overflow to disk
  • 1128954 - Convoluted way of opening docs from groups
  • 1120034 - Pushing translations is too slow