Zanata Version 3.8.2: Release Notes

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Glossary: New Look and On-Line Editing

With this major glossary interface update, users with glossarist permission can not only see the each term, but also edit them online.

Glossary list
Glossary list in 3.8

Project Creation Permission

A popular request, was to grant project creation permissions to a specific set of users. This allows Zanata admins more control over the projects that can be created on their instance.

This has to be enabled by admins and will not affect any of the Zanata teams currently maintained instances.

Project creator permission
Project creator permission in dialog Manage User

Project Team Management

Project maintainers can now manage their own team of translators.

If you have your own trusted translators or reviewers, they no longer need to join a global language team. Go to the People tab in project view, click Add Someone. On top of maintainers, you can now add translators, reviewers or translation maintainers (who can also add translator and reviewers).

Project team management
Project team management

The main search bar seen on the top of the page can now be used to search users.

When you find the user you are looking for , you will be able to see a few more details and their recent translation/revieer contributions.

Search user
Main search bar can search user

More Feature Details

  • 1213630 - Webhook header needs to include cryptographic signature in header for identification
  • 1214502 - RFE: Grant project creation permission to certain sets of users
  • 1224912 - Filter “Last modified by translators other than <user>”
  • 1233524 - Update project search page to include user
  • ZNTA-108 - Improved glossary management: add, edit and delete individual glossary entries

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