Zanata Version 3.9.1 release announcement

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zanata-server-3.9.3 is released and deployed to all our servers.


This release fixes the login problems for Fedora and Yahoo authentication. From version 3.9.1, many UI changes and improvements to the web interface, REST API, and system administrations.


  • 0% matched translation will never bother you again in TM panel.
  • The inactive timeout for login session is extended to 30 minutes.


  • Review data and list of contributors for a project version are now available in REST API.
  • Fix to upload translations on Wildfly 10.
  • Docker support for developers to quickly build and run latest development.

System Administration

  • Wildfly version should be updated to version 10.
  • Migrate from Seam 2 to CDI.
  • Display user email based on admin configuration.

More About the Release