Glossary Entry Data Type

A single glossary entry representing a single translated term in multiple locales.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
src-lang string attribute 0/1 The source locale for this specific entry
id long element 0/1 Unique identifier
pos string element 0/1 Glossary entry's part of speech
description string element 0/1  
source-reference string element 0/1  
glossary-term Glossary Term element 0/unbounded The full list of glossary terms
termsCount int element ns0 1/1 Number of translated terms. A term is the glossary entry's representation for a specific locale
qualified-name Qualified Name element ns0 0/1  


<glossaryEntry src-lang="en-US" xmlns="">
  <id xmlns="">444555</id>
  <pos xmlns="">verb</pos>
  <description xmlns="">...</description>
  <source-reference xmlns="">...</source-reference>
  <glossary-term xml:lang="es-ES" xmlns="">
    <comment xmlns="">...</comment>
    <content>Una casa</content>
    <lastModifiedDate xmlns="">...</lastModifiedDate>
    <lastModifiedBy xmlns="">homer</lastModifiedBy>