Locale Details Data Type

name data type constraints description
localeId string required Unique locale identifier
displayName string   Locale's display name (in English)
alias string   An alternative name (if present) for this locale
nativeName string  
enabled boolean required Indicates whether the locale is enabled in the system or not.
enabledByDefault boolean required Indicates whether the locale will be used automatically by the system. e.g. when creating a new project, 'enabled by default' locales will automatically be added to the project unless specifically indicating so.
pluralForms string   A string describing the formula for the locale's plural forms
rtl boolean   Indicates if this locale is Right-to-Left


  "localeId" : "es-ES",
  "displayName" : "Spanish (Spain)",
  "alias" : "es",
  "nativeName" : "EspaƱol",
  "enabled" : true,
  "enabledByDefault" : true,
  "pluralForms" : "nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1)",
  "rtl" : true