Container Translation Statistics Data Type

Generic Container for translation statistics.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs wrapped by description
id string attribute 0/1   Identifier for the container (i.e. Project, Project Iteration, Document, etc).
containerRef Link element ns0 0/unbounded refs References to related elements (i.e. Reference to the container).
stat Translation Statistics element ns0 0/unbounded stats Actual translation statistics.
containerStats Container Translation Statistics element ns0 0/unbounded detailedStats Detailed Statistics if so requested.


<containerStats id="my-project" xmlns="">
    <containerRef href="" rel="..." type="..."/>
    <stat approved="80" fuzzy="50" lastTranslated="31/12/15 23:59 by homer" locale="es-ES" rejected="10" total="..." translatedOnly="30" unit="..." untranslated="25"/>